Here at Rose’s Gluten Free Bakery, my sister Louise and I make everything by hand using the best quality ingredients that you would use in your own home.
We are blessed to be working together doing something we are passionate about!  

We feel there is a need for  gluten free baked goods that taste like something we all grew up eating, but had to give up after going gluten free...Really good Bread, Rolls, Pizza Crust, Muffins, Cookies, Scones, Rich Chocolate Brownies, and new Bread, Roll, and All Purpose Flour and Kits!  We are proud to be using  cage free eggs, as well as organic sugar; our products are also GMO free and we are a nut free facility.

 My favorite response to our products is, "I would never know this is gluten free!"   Being healthy and happy shouldn't mean giving up your favorite things. So  join us and... Eat Smart, Feel Good!

Rose C Vesper, Louise Vesper Yeager, two Italian Sisters sharing there family recipes.